Looking back to Marywood

There is no doubt that as a business we live in the present and plan for the future. But sometimes it is good revisit work we have done, especially when it was as impactful as this was.

Back in the early-90s, Joe Dolan became involved in Marywood Country Day School through his wife, then assistant principle, and Mother-in-Law, Chairman of the board of Governors. There wasn't much of a school in the beginning: 35 students and not much else. But the school had ambition and Joe got behind the project of transforming it with gusto. His then new-ish construction business took the opportunity to support the local community and built the infrastructure necessary to grow the school into what became one of the most well respected private schools in Southern California.

Starting around 1992 and finishing up around the year 2000, J. A. Dolan General Contractor invested time, effort and money in continually delivering new facilities for the school. All work was done at or below cost in the knowledge that great facilities mattered in delivering great education.

Maywood continues to hold an important position in the early life of J. A. Dolan Construction, Inc. Giving back to the community when you can, is a guiding principle of the business to this day.